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The mission of Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry is to advocate for the orphan as we are commanded by God. We feel it is our responsibility and privilege to educate and assist individuals and families, emotionally as well as financially in their journey through adoption by raising awareness in our community and around the world, enabling Christians to open their hearts and homes to children in need of forever families.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday

Our church began Revival today....on Orphan Sunday!  :)  We were blessed with a message from Bro Daron about "Serving"!  How ironic!  Ron let us share a brief message at the end of the service to (hopefully) inspire everyone to continue to recognize that November is National Adoption Month.

Bro. Daron - We're looking forward to a return visit and even more excited to be able to visit their church soon!  

Joy and I were blessed to share and present a message during Children's Moments this morning.  So, that is what I want to share with you today.  Surely, if our children can wrap their minds around what we shared it will sink in with some adults.  ;)  I know it did with several of the adults in our congregation.

We know that God made His world perfect.  He designed it to be just what He wanted, and just what we needed.  Because we know God doesn't make mistakes, right?!  There are enough basic resources such as food and water in our world to feed the entire population of the world.  God has children all over the world and we know He loves us all just the same.  But for some reason all those resources aren't being shared with everyone in the world.  We know we should share, our parents teach us about sharing.  

We talked about how much money a BILLION dollars is.  And of course the kids said, "that's a LOT OF MONEY!"  We explained that it would take 13 billion dollars a year to provide basic nutrition to all the starving people in the world today.  That seems like a lot doesn't it?

But do you know what Amercian Christians spend just on bottled water each year? 
3 BILLION dollars.

American Christians spend 4 BILLION dollars a year on Makeup!  (ugh....we all do it ladies!  Fess up.)

We spend 7 billion on sporting events.  

We spend 11 billion on coffee.

13 billion on our pets.

20 billion on soft drinks.

21 billion on cable TV.

Each time for each statistic we counted out play money for the children (1 dollar was 1 billion) and provided them with an object to represent each thing.  (a bottle of water, a bag of makeup, football, movies for the cable tv, a dog food bag from our puppy at home).

We spend EVEN MORE than all that money put together on eating out each year.....105 BILLION.  (a pizza box and a happy meal container worked wonders).

How much did we need to provide food to the starving people of the world??  ONLY 13 billion.  

If we have so much, why do we give so little?  If we're spending 8 times as much money on just eating out as it would take to feed everyone in the world what is wrong??

The bible tells us in James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained from the world."  We need to learn to look after others and serve the Lord, by serving His people.  ALL of his people, all over the world.  The things that we have that we don't necessarily need represent the world to the children.  

Then we prayed that God would help us to find ways to shine His light in the world by serving others.  By looking after orphans and widows by giving up something that we don't always need and using that money for others.  
Joy and I, Orphan Sunday 2010

I know I enjoyed sharing the message with the children and I know Joy loved our time too.  She made an AWESOME new video that we shared with the congregation at the end of the service and we shared a little bit about JHAM (Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry).  Our orphan advocacy ministry that we began over a year ago is still going strong.  We will continue to advocate for the orphan.  We pray that you will find ways to do the same and serve others for Christ.  

Our biggest cheerleader!  Jia!
 I'll share Joy's video with you very soon!  We will be speaking out (more than normal! lol) the rest of the month to recognize National Adoption Month!  

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